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Consignment Agreement

A Semi-Annual Children's Consignment Sale
By registering for an ID# and entering items into the system - you must understand and AGREE with the "Consignor Agreement".  If you have an issue with any items on the AGREEMENT please contact us before signing up to consign. Thank You!
  1. All items must be clean and in good condition. Switch-A-Roos reserves the right to refuse any item.

  2. All consignors will pay an $10.00 consignor fee.

  3. Any item not picked up on "Pick-up" day will be become the property of Switch-A-Roos and donated to the charity of Switch-A-Roos choice.

  4. Payment to consignors will be a 65/35 split. Consignors receive 65% of the selling price. All payments to consignors will be distributed at pick-up. If you donate your remaining items, your check will be mailed within two (2) weeks.

  5. Switch-A-Roos is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any items lost, stolen, damaged, misplaced, or destroyed by fire, flooding, water or any other unforeseen circumstances.

  6. Switch-A-Roos is NOT responsible for items that get broken, lost or separated during the sale. (ex. – glass frames/accessories, toy parts, two-piece outfits, etc.) We do our best to ensure the safety of all items.  We are open to the public and unfortunately accidents/misplacements, etc. occur that are beyond our control.  If an item is too valuable or sentimental, please consider this before consigning the item(s).

  7. Switch-A-Roos is not responsible for any items that are on manufacturer’s recall.  It is your responsibility as a consignor to check your items to see if they are on the recall list BEFORE bringing the items to Switch-A-Roos.

  8. Switch-A-Roos reserves the right to price any item unpriced or missing a tag. To ensure credit is given to you for items with missing tags-place a piece of masking tape inside of the clothing with your ID#, ITEM# and PRICE on it.  You will be paid 65% of the amount if sold.

  9. Volunteers who fail to work their assigned shift may be subject to a fine and will not be allowed to participate in future sales.

  10. A picture ID must be brought to the volunteer sale in order to shop.

  11. All unsold BOOKS, STUFFED ANIMALS, DVDs and VHS videos will be donated.

  12. SWITCH-A-ROOMS’ ADULT ITEMS, SOCKS, BOOTIES, BELTS, HATS, SCARVES, GLOVES, BOWS and ONESIES will not be sorted at the end of the sale. These items will be available for you to gather and take home at Pick-Up. **Please consider donating these items. All items not claimed by 6:00pm on Pick-Up day will be DONATED.

  13. BREAST PUMPSWe will continue to accept breast pumps. However, we cannot be responsible for LOST/STOLEN pumps or MISSING PARTS. Please Ziptie all parts together.

  14. Transferring items from one sale to the next will only be allowed once each season. Transferring from Greenville to Spartanburg will be the only transfer allowed. After each season, all inventory will be cleared.

  15. All Consigners must read the “WHAT’S NEW?” section located on the website.

  16. Any discrepancies must be brought to our attention by the end of Pick-Up Day.

  17. If you are unable to pick up your items on Pick-Up Day, you may choose for an alternative person to pick them up. HOWEVER, you forfeit the option of reporting any missing items.

  18. All items that you have chosen to be donated will automatically be discounted on Sunday for the half off sale.

  19. ONLY CHILDREN SIZES - NEWBORN - SIZE 14 WILL BE ACCEPTED. All clothes must be labeled with a numeric number  (Pleaase do not use sizes S, M, L)

    For SPARTANBURG ONLY – We will NOT be taking Junior Clothes, Maternity Clothes, and Switch-A-Rooms’ Adult Accessories.    ***We WILL still take Adult Furniture for Switch-A-Rooms and ALL children’s items, children’s furniture, and children’s décor and accessories.

  20. IMPORTANT!!! * Please remember if you are transferring your items from Greenville then you must TRANSFER your items on the computer from Greenville to Spartanburg and then you must go into your Spartanburg account and ACCEPT your items. Look to make sure they are in your account. You must also REGISTER for the current sale for your items to be active in the system. IF YOU DO NOT DO ALL OF THESE IMPORTANT STEPS, THEN YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RECEIVE PAYMENT FOR YOUR SOLD ITEMS.

  21. If you use the Busy Bee service, all transactions are between you and the Busy Bee Rep. Switch-A-Roos is not responsible for any misplaced items or monetary discrepancies
  22. All consignors must agree to read all emails sent during the event from Switch-A-Roos in order to stay informed.

  23. Please reread #5, #6, #11, #12, #20 and #22 EXTRA CAREFULLY!


**Thank you for Consigning!!!!

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