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Welcome Volunteers!

Switch-a-Roos is looking for volunteers to help the sale run smooth and efficiently. Volunteering is EASY and FUN! By volunteering, you get to shop at the event FIRST! You shop before the consignors and before we open to the public. WOW! In exchange for your help, you will receive (1) VOLUNTEER PRE-SALE PASS to shop at the PRE-SALE PARTY on the Wednesday evening before the sales starts!*(see sidebar) There are several ways you can volunteer for the event:

1. Work a 4-Hour Shift
Shifts are available from the first set-up day to the last pick-up day.

During your shift you may be...

  • Assisting with Set-Up
  • Assisting with Check-In
  • Sorting Items
  • Organizing Merchandise
  • Assisting Shoppers
  • Assisting with Check-Out
  • Assisting with Shut Down

We do offer one VOLUNTEER SPECIAL. See the event schedule for details. Volunteer two (2) shifts and get to shop early.

2. Copying Flyers
If you have access to a copier and can make copies for Switch-a-Roos you can earn a pass to shop the Pre-Sale Party on Wednesday evening. You will need to:

  • Make 500 copies on BRIGHT-COLORED paper.
  • Cut the copies in half (total of 1,000 flyers)
  • Mail 1,000 flyers to a designated person (we will give you the name and address)
  • This job must be done in a timely manner.

Space is limited and filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will contact you by sending you an e-mail with the name and address to whom you will send the 1,000 copies.

To sign up to volunteer for copies, please e-mail:

3. Flyer Delivery
You will be required to deliver flyers to a designated area of town. By delivering flyers, you will earn a pass to shop the Volunteer Pre-Sale Party on Wednesday evening. You will need to:

  • Contact us with the area of town that you would like to distribute flyers.
  • We will contact you and let you know if the area is available with an attached Flyer Delivery form.
  • You will receive 1,000 flyers in the mail.
  • You will need to distribute the flyers to at least 20 Mom/Child-friendly businesses.
  • Leave approximately 50 flyers at each location.
  • Be sure to get the owner/manager's approval.
  • Fill out the FLYER DELIVERY FORM which includes the Business Name, Address, Owner/Manager's Name and type of business. CLICK HERE download and make a copy of the FLYER DELIVERY FORM.
  • Bring the FLYER DELIVERY FORM to the Volunteer Pre-Sale Party to earn your shopping pass.

Space is limited and filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will e-mail you back with approval.

To sign up to volunteer to deliver flyers, contact:



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