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Switch-A-Roos ~ TWO

Multiple Sale ~ Twins, Triplets, etc.

After MULTIPLE (no pun intended) request, we are excited to announce Switch-A-Roos Two!  We will now offer a place for Moms with Multiples to shop for matching items during our sale. This is how it will work:

  • Register as a consignor on our home page. You will find detailed instructions on how to become a consignor.

  • Enter your items into the computer, but be sure to price matching multiple outfits SEPARATELY!  Place priced items on hangers back to back, so the fronts of both items are showing. Each item should have a separate tag. Put a Rubber Band or Zip Tie around the hangers to keep the matching outfits together.  DO NOT USE TWIST TIES OR STRING OR ANY OTHER MATERIALS TO SECURE ITEMS.
  • Sign up for a drop off time. When you arrive to drop off – be sure to tell us you have multiple matching items. Your items will be checked and placed in the designated Switch-A-Roos TWO area.

  • Matching multiple items will be sold at our Volunteer and Consignor Pre-Sale events. (Wednesday and Thursday)

We will separate the matching items at 9:00 AM on Friday (when we open to general public) so the items can be sold as individual items.  WE will try our best to keep items together during the presales, but we can NOT guarantee it. 

  • Come and SHOP!! Be sure to sign up for a Volunteer time so that you can get first dibs on cute matching outfits! Details for Volunteering are located under the Main Menu on our home page.

Now, get out and SPREAD the WORD! Tell all of your friends with duo’s, trio’s and more! If you are a member of a Multiples Group, please send a group email to your friends. We promise you, they will LOVE you for it!
Please email us if you have any questions!

Happy Tagging x 2!
Racheal and Lori

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